Infrared Sauna: 9 Reasons To Choose Sauna Therapy For Healthy Life

Infrared Sauna: 9 Reasons To Choose Sauna | M Spa Mystic

The practice of bathing in the heat for health and purification goes back centuries due to many health benefits that are claimed by individuals and facilities promoting sauna bathing. More recently, the infrared sauna has taken the functional medicine world by storm. While many individuals find the traditional sauna too hot to endure, the idea of infrared uses infrared lamps that directly release electromagnetic radiation to heat the body. The type of radiation does not pose the same risks as UV radiation because the wavelengths are longer and the frequency is shorter. In addition, this is one reason why infrared saunas have become so popular: they can penetrate tissue to heal the body due to their wavelengths, unlike the traditional saunas where it heats the air. Moreover, infrared saunas can help burn calories, detox, lose weight, decrease cellulite, improve blood circulation, reduce muscle and joint pain, and more.

How Does An Infrared Sauna Work?

Unlike the regular sauna, infrared sauna has a different heating mechanism and more purported benefits in several vital ways. Additionally, infrared saunas typically heat to 120–140 degrees Fahrenheit and do not get as hot as traditional saunas. Upon entering the infrared sauna, you will typically be asked to sit or lie down on a bench, and some saunas even set up mats on the floor. The lights from the infrared bulbs will then be seen producing the heat, on which sessions usually last up to 30 minutes. The traditional saunas can produce immediate sweating since it’s dry and super hot, while the infrared sauna won’t even start to sweat for about 15 minutes. Of course, it still gives the same drenched effect as the traditional after the session. There are times that music will be played, but cell phones typically aren’t allowed, as the heat can damage them.  

What Are The Benefits Of Sauna Therapy?

  1. Cardiovascular Benefit. Some very promising research shows benefits for people with heart-related diseases due to the fact that it can reduce peptides commonly elevated in chronic heart failure patients and reduce blood pressure. 
  2. Insulin Resistance and Blood Sugar. Saunas are known to help prevent diabetes, insulin resistance, and hyperglycemia. A study shows fasting blood glucose levels (FGBLs) were significantly decreased after seven sauna sessions (over 14 days) involving 80 healthy adults. 
  3. Autoimmune Conditions. In particular, infrared sauna therapy can help improve autoimmune and chronic diseases. Chronic fatigue syndrome and Fibromyalgia patients were using infrared sauna saw significant improvement in well-being metrics. At the same time, the latter showed reductions in pain, which continued after 6 months for many patients. In a pilot study, patients with rheumatoid arthritis or ankylosing spondylitis who used four weeks of infrared sauna therapy saw reductions in pain and stiffness for about 40-60%.
  4. Athletic Performance. Some studies claim that a regular sauna may improve metabolic performance and gain muscle mass. Correspondingly, in a study, the infrared sauna was beneficial for athletes trying to improve their performance as sauna increases the secretion of human growth hormones several-fold, a substance the body produces typically after exercise. In addition, human growth hormone causes increased fat burning, muscle building, and endurance. 
  5. Mental Health. It is most likely beneficial to mental health as another study shows that 6 weeks of infrared sauna therapy led to lower depression scores than medical treatment in one study. Also, the regular sauna is strongly associated with a lower risk of psychotic disorders, and some early research shows even more promising benefits that sauna therapy helps prevent Alzheimer’s disease. However, there is only a little evidence regarding the mental health benefit.
  6. Detoxification. With frequent use of sauna, it becomes a tool to help detox the body from chemicals. A systematic review of observational studies found that repeated sauna use can significantly deplete heavy metals like cadmium, lead, and mercury through the skin.
  7. Improved Circulation: Infrared sauna’s deep, direct heat into the body helps stimulate blood flow similar to that produced after a cardio workout. This increased blood flow and circulation can reduce inflammation, pain relief, workout recovery, and much more.
  8. Pain Relief: One small study found that infrared saunas effectively relieve chronic lower back pain, as many participants who received infrared therapy showed a 50% decline in pain levels after six weeks. 
  9. Better Sleep: After the infrared therapy, most people claim that they sleep better due to a more relaxed mind and body.

Is Infrared Sauna Safe?

Infrared saunas didn’t come without potential side effects, but they are generally considered safe. Some of its risks include being dehydrated, overheated, or dizzy. Still, it can usually be avoided by drinking enough fluids before and by preventing the use of any drugs or alcohol when planning to do it.

Also, there are cautions when using infrared sauna since health conditions are not compatible with saunas or steam rooms. People with these following conditions are not suggested to try saunas or check with their doctors before giving it a go.

  • Those with asthma or other breathing conditions
  • People who have epilepsy,
  • People with heart disease,
  • Pregnant women,
  • Those under the influence of alcohol,
  • People whose very high or low blood pressure,
  • People with a medical condition on medications or implanted devices must contact their doctors, 
  • Those taking stimulants, tranquilizers, or other mind-altering drugs, 
  • And people with medical conditions whose on medications or implanted devices.

The Bottom Line

Ultimately the use of a sauna for healing goes back thousands of years. MSpa at Mystic offers Infrared Sauna that allows you to experience benefits such as improving circulation, detoxifying, boosting energy, relieving stress, reducing joint and muscle pain, and improving overall wellness with radiating heat. At MSpa at Mystic, their experts are qualified to deliver beautiful, natural-looking results with optimal care for every patient and their individual needs.