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Why IV Therapy at M Spa?

The advantages to taking nutrients using IV Therapy are countless. First and foremost, there is no faster way to absorb vitamins and minerals your body needs than through an IV. A traditional intake of fluids will simply not have the benefits and absorption that an IV does! Furthermore, our body’s digestive system stops us from absorbing certain minerals, especially when it is compromised. This is why people may suffer from nutrient deficiency in the first place. Taking nutrients intravenously delivers what your body needs directly into its blood stream. It is there that it can be absorbed by your cells most efficiently. As a result, patients can feel the amazing effects of IV therapy almost instantaneously during their treatment. We have a variety of IV Therapy for different types of needs.


Immunity IV Therapy

BOOST your body’s defenses with our immunity boosting infusion. This IV Therapy infusion rebuilds your system after a cold or flu, and protect yourself against other viruses and common illnesses. In addition, as an immunity boosting infusion combined with our doctor-recommended neutraceuticals, is a great way to ensure your body’s defenses are at optimum levels.

Hangover Cure Mystic

HEAL from a night of overindulgence in alcohol with our effective hangover infusion. This IV Therapy recovery formula provides the electrolytes, fluids, vitamins and minerals you need to re-hydrate. This ultimate hangover cure comes with an anti-inflammatory medication to ease discomfort and nausea associated with the most dreadful hangover cases

Performance Enhancement IV Therapy

SPORT (sweat?) that healthy glow with our athletic performance and recovery IV Therapy infusion. The Vita-Sport vitamin infusion is perfect after a long day on the golf course, tennis courts, or intense workout. This hydrating, nutrient-rich IV balances sodium levels and replenishes electrolytes. Relieve soreness from muscles broken down by exercise with our rebuilding and repairing nutrients.

Weight Loss IV Therapy

LIGHTEN up and rid yourself of bloating and fat! Our weight loss IV Therapy infusion helps rid your body of toxins and assists in regulating cholesterol. In addition, our Vita-Light IV treatment provides a hydrating boost of B12 energy. This nutrient-rich infusion gives your body that extra fat-burning edge, breaking down your fat stores and mobilizing them in the bloodstream to be used for energy. You’ll feel light and refreshed while keeping your electrolytes balanced!

Travel IV Therapy

(Recover/revive)? FRESH and renewed is how our clients feel once they’ve this nutrient-replenishing travel recovery IV infusion. Relieves fatigue and dehydration, balances salts and electrolytes, and provides a soothing rush of Vitamin C, Calcium, Magnesium, and B12 for a real travel retreat!

Skin Care IV

GLOW from the inside out! Our Vita-Glow Beauty Infusion plumps fine lines, smooths skin blemishes, and calms irritations. Hydrate and keep balanced with this nutrient-rich, restorative infusion.

Myers Cocktail IV

SOOTHE pain and discomfort brought on by a wide variety of conditions and ailments. Our Vita-Soothe, also known as The Myers Cocktail consists of a hydrating blend of nutrients that can relieve a number of ailments including fatigue, migraines, depression and flu like symptoms. Named after medical pioneer John Myers, this IV Therapy vitamin infusion offers instant relief to our patients


The best way to determine your candidacy for treatments is to schedule a consult.

Length of Treatment

45 mins

Number of Treatments

Recommended every 4 weeks

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